About Us

EB Interior Design is a Phoenix based firm that completes both commercial and residential projects. At EBID, we are in the enviable position of having clients that are valued and appreciated and who give referrals as the highest form of thanks. While we embrace every project as having it’s own unique scope, we provide the same level of detail, custom finishes and tailored solutions to each job we work on. This is accomplished by working closely with the client to deliver a fresh perspective while pushing the design parameters ensuring that the final design exceeds your expectations.

Erin Liston, Owner

Erin is a NCIDQ certified designer with an Interior Design degree from North Dakota State University and over 15 years of experience in the field.

Amy, Project Manager and Designer

As a desert born designer, I’ve always been inspired by the simple beauty of the natural world around me. On any given weekend you can find me soaking up the sunset in a hammock, and mulling over the latest thing I’ve read from my endless book list. Ideas fuel me, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than meticulously assembling a functional and beautiful design idea in my head, then following that idea through to a delightful completion.
I believe home should be a stable, satisfying place where we can flourish and be our best self. We are so affected by our environment, whether we are conscious of it or not, so it’s my privilege to help put people in the environments that are right for them.

Tracy, Office Administrator:

As the Office Administrator for EB Interior Design, Tracy is responsible for all office procedures which includes many different hats and supportive tasks. She joined the team in 2017 and uses her organizational skills to keep the all the moving parts working efficiently. She excels in customer service and positivity, she even pitches in on install days! In her spare time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids who keep her busy between college, high school, and Jr High activities.

Schematic Design

Schematic design is all about concepts. This is where we really collaborate and start to look at all the different options to find a balance between aesthetic, budget and function. It’s where we get to be excited and inspired!

FFE Selection

During the finishes, fixtures and equipment phase, we will narrow in the focus on all of the ‘hard goods’ for the job. Anything that is needed for building, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, hardware, floor and wall finishes etc. will be curated into a cohesive and unique package.

Design Development

A very important stage in the process, this is a fine-tuning of the schematic design with all the ideas. Here is where we hone in on the best options and develop them in a cohesive way that starts to take shape. This is a changing and evolving phase where we utilize images and drawings to finalize the details.

Interior Renderings

As an option, we are happy to provide a hypothetical 3D drawing of the design that reads like a photograph of the finished space. This can provide reassurance that the details and decisions being made are on target and allow for any course correcting that may be necessary. It’s also an exciting opportunity to see it coming together.

Construction Documents

At this time, we take all of the decisions we’ve made so far and put them into a written format. We correlate all of the technical information into a set of ‘blueprints’ (although they’re never blue anymore) that can be used for building. This is also the time when we activate the trades for pricing and timelines, or if there is an architect or builder involved they may handle that as well.

Construction Administration

Working with the contractor and/or architect, this is where we really start to see some action. The design plans we’ve created will be implemented into building and we will be there every step of the way. We make sure the design integrity is maintained and address anything that may need to be tweaked as it unfolds.


This phase is the home stretch, where all those weeks or months of planning finally become something you can touch. Our team will install all the final selections of soft goods, furniture, drapery, art, lamps, rugs, and accessories for a finished and polished finale.